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Red Light, Green Light

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

By Anissa Walker

When I think about managing a business the book and poster All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergartencome to mind. Mainly it comes to mind because I think of the old childhood game red light, green light. Do you know it? If not here are the full instructions.

Basically, just like on the road you stop when the light is red and you go when the light is green. Simple enough. So how does this relate to business?

Do you have red light, green light procedures in place when it comes to managing your investments and your expenses? Investments are not expenses and the money placed in them needs to be held accountable for its return.

Do you know where your money is going each month and what the return is that you can expect to see? Do you know what signals a need to hire more staff or when you should wait? Do you know what each staff member is producing in value to the company to justify their salary?

If you do, that is fantastic! Keep up the great work! If you have some doubts or questions or just flat out don’t know we can help!

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