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So are you a consultant, or a contractor?

Most people believe they are synonymous. However, to clarify, a consultant provides strategic guidance to company leadership. A contractor works in a staff-augmentation capacity.

We provide services as a business consultant. After working with us, you may wish to engage with contractors. We can talk about that as we work together. 

How do we get started?

We believe in the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stu.. you get the idea)

We start with an initial consultation. This is a free, brief meeting in which we learn about each other and we get a deeper picture of your situation.

After that, if there is mutual interest, we work together on a scope, and we execute standard paperwork and get started. 

See Simple.

Who do you work with?

We are interested in working with consulting companies of all different sizes and shapes. 

We are problem solvers and growth engineers. We are always looking for opportunities to broaden our already extensive experience. 

See a sample of the type of industries we have experience in here.

So do you only work with big companies?

We work with companies of all sizes. Most of our experience currently is working with small and medium sized business. 

We thrive on being able to help small businesses grow and solve complex challenging problems. 

Why do you consult?

The simple answer? We love it! 

We are driven by problem solving and growth. Consulting offers the unique opportunity to learn new things, overcome new challenges, and watch companies grow.

When you are a business consultant you get to be an executive at a new company with each new client you work with. This isn't just work for us, it's fun.

I'd like to move forward. How do I start?

We are excited to hear that! Contact us to get here to get started.

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